Our Services

What we have to offer

Prenatal Care

At The Birth Tribe we provide extensive, evidence based prenatal care following the Midwifery Model of Care.  

Prenatal appointments, depending on how many weeks gestation you are, will range from 30 minutes to an hour long. This time spent together allows us to build a strong trusting relationship, provide you with information and resources to make informed decisions throughout your care and allows time for all unanswered questions that you may have. 

Lab Work

At The Birth Tribe we draw all bloodwork in house. We can do vaginal cultures, pap smears, bloodwork including genetic screens and urine tests all in house. All specimen is then sent to a lab for testing and results will be received within 2-3 business days, give or take. Most lab work is covered by insurance!


Studies have found water to be tremendously helpful in easing labor pains. At The Birth Tribe we not only offer hydrotherapy during labor, we also offer waterbirth!


The Birth Tribe offers natural, out-of-hospital birth. We assist you during your labor and delivery in the comfort of your own home. 



Postpartum Care

After the birth of your baby, the midwives at The Birth Tribe conduct 3 follow up postpartum visits. The first visit is schedule between 24-72 hours after birth then again at 2 week and 6 weeks postpartum. These appointments are an hour long to ensure support throughout the transition into parenthood.

Breastfeeding Support

At The Birth Tribe we believe our duties as Midwives are to ensure mother and baby bonding. After birth we provide immediate skin to skin and will help initiate breastfeeding using appropriate techniques to ensure a proper latch. 




The Birth Tribe aspires to hosts an arry of classes to help provide you with the resources you may be in need of. These classes are for educational purposes for families who seek alternative options. Check out our class page for more information.