Healthy Start Coalition

(386) 252-4277

The Healthy Start Coalition of Flagler and Volusia Counties is a non-profit organization striving to unite people and resources at the local level to meet needs of pregnant women, infants, young children and their families. We accomplish this by using shared resources to manage and coordinate the services of two programs: Healthy Start and Healthy Families.

Grace House Pregnancy Center

(386) 643-2866

Grace House Pregnancy Center is a safe place to go when facing an unexpected pregnancy. There you can discuss your options without judgement, while addressing the physical and emotional dimensions of your options.

Pregnancy Crisis Center

(386) 257-2229

The Pregnancy Crisis Center is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political community service.  They offer free services designed to help prospective mothers and their babies.  They strive to help anyone, regardless of marital status, residence, age, religions or financial status.

Resources for Women

(386) 760-2113

Resources for Women offers several resources to families of Volusia County. 

  • Abortion Information

  • Adoption Agency Referrals

  • Adoption Information

  • Maternity & Infant Supplies

  • Medical Referrals

  • Parenting Education

  • Post-Abortion Support

  • Pregnancy Options Information

  • Pregnancy Tests

  • STD/STI Information

  • Support for Men

  • Ultrasound (Onsite)*

(608) 957-1060

Hello! My name is Kailee. I am a DONA and VBAC trained doula in Volusia County, Florida and surrounding areas. I offer personalized prenatal, birthing, and postnatal support. My goal is to give you and your family the attention and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and labor process. To learn more about me and the services that I offer, please get in touch.

Jenna Carberg helped create after she was diagnosed following the birth of her first daughter, Elsie. She struggled with PPD the following year and a half and it was the hardest thing she'd ever gone through. One recent study found that 600,000 women are diagnosed with postpartum depression every year. She's deeply passionate about spreading the word and helping women get the care they deserve and providing their loved ones with the support that they need.


Flagler Acupuncture (386) 237-0668

Mary Lynn Wieber, DOM, AP treats several disorders and symptoms through specific acupuncture techniques. She commonly provides accupuncture for Menopausal Symptoms, Fertility Issues, PMS & Menstrual Irregularity, UTI's & Kidney Infections, Nausea and Postpartum & Women's Health, etc. 

Holistic Women and Families Natural Health Center

(386) 872-5757

At Holistic Women and Families Natural Health Center, their mission is to provide a place where women and their families can receive a full holistic approach to healthcare by qualified physicians.

Belly Art

For Any Event (386) 864-4785

Doreen is a Palm Coast Local, mostly doing face painting for fun events in the community. She has experience in Belly painting and doing Henna Bellies. If you are looking for body art in Palm Coast during your pregnancy, Doreen Lazzano is the person to go to!

Heather's Living Art (786) 797-4544

Belly Paint Guru Heather Aguilera is an Internationally published Award Winning Celebrity Body Painter featured on NBC SyFy's popular series NAKED VEGAS and FaceOff's Special episode NAKED AND PAINTED. She is located in Saint Augustine and will travel for a cost. Heather has ton's of experience with body art specifically during pregnancy. 


Palm Coast Chiropractics (386) 437-7111

Palm Coast Chiropractics is comprehensive natural health center. They offer chiropractic care for the entire family, as well as massage, and rehabilitation. Dr. Jennifer Thornton provides both chiropactics during pregnancy as well as chiropractic care for newborns. Palm Coast Chiropractics accepts most insurances including auto and workers comp cases.

Wellness One Chiropractic (386) 447-9930

Wellness One Chiropractic located in Palm Coast, is dedicated to serving individuals with a desire to improve their quality of life. Drs. Michael and Amberly Parkhurst will explain the science behind how chiropractic care works at your first appointment providing true informed consent. 

Thrive Chiropractics (904) 615-1319

Thrive is a professional St. Augustine chiropractic clinic. Dr. Barnewolt strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction. Thrive also offers nutrition counseling and yoga classes. They specialize in all chiropractics including pregnancy, newborns, children, posture, etc. Thrive has been highly loved by our clients!


Amanda Joann Photography

Amanda is a Palm Coast local and mother of six. She owns Amanda Joann Photography and has provided many of the photos posted on our website. She has attended home births capturing gorgeous birth photographs. She does all sorts of pictures including Families, Children, Weddings, etc. Check out her gallery on her website!

Megan Soto (904) 687-6584

Megan Soto  is a Saint Augustine Lifestyle Family Photographer who specializes in Maternity, Birth, Newborn, Children, Nursing and lifestyle photography. Megan is a mom of three beautiful children and she knows just how important it is to capture precious moments. Find Megan on Facebook or click the picture to get to her website.

Stacey Lynne Photography (904) 583-2131

Stacey Lynne is a Palm Coast Local and mother of two beautiful boys. She uses her studies in art and what she's gained from experience to showcase her knowledge of light, colors, shadows, dimension, space and vision. She is constantly studying & educating herself through seminars, online courses and research to better her photography. Her true talent and skill comes directly from her passion to freeze time. Stacey has an array of experience with all types of photography. Check out her work on her website.

Jana Vallone (904) 669-5488

Jana is an amazing photographer and owner of LoveCountry Photography&Designs. She does maternity pictures, birth pictures, newborn pictures, you name it, she does it. Jana charges an extremely reasonable price for her work. Find her on FB or click on her picture to access her website and check out her portfolio. 

Other Resources

Spinning Babies

Spinning Babies is a project by Gail Tully, CPM designed to encourage optimal fetal position and rotation during pregnancy and childbirth. Gail is a midwife in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Over 30 years with birth and over 20 years as a homebirth midwife. Gail was a DONA International approved doula trainer and kept busy organizing active community doula program development in hospitals and non-profits in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

The Miles Circuit

"This circuit is useful to help get the baby lined up, ideally, in the "Left Occiput Anterior" (LOA) Position, both before labor begins and when some corrections need to be done during labor.
Prenatally, this position set can help to rotate a baby. As a natural method of induction, this can help get things going if baby just needed a gentle nudge of position to set things off. "

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