Frequently Asked

         Questions & Answers

Q) Are the Midwives at The Birth Tribe trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and neonatal resuscitation (NRP)?

     A) All Midwives in the state of Florida are required to have training in CPR and NRP. Midwives are required to renew their CPR and NRP training every 2 years. All of the Midwives at TBT keep a current, up-to-date status on their CPR and NRP training. 

Q) What is the cost and does The Birth Tribe accept insurance?

     A) Our complete fee is 6,500 dollars. This includes comprehensive prenatal care, the birth and exclusive postpartum care. TBT does not accept insurance, including medicaid. Many insurances consider licensed midwives an out of network specialty. We will however supply you with a superbill at the end of your pregnancy that may be submitted to your insurance company for attempted reimbursement.  A financial agreement will be completed at the start of care. The financial agreement will break down the cost and what the insurance is projected to cover (if anything) and it will consist of a payment plan that works best for you. 

Q) Can I choose who will be at my birth?

    A) Here at The Birth Tribe we use Senior Midwifery Students as our birth assistants. Midwifery Students are required to obtain clinical hours for school therefore you will meet all the students throughout your prenatal care as they shadow the Midwife. This allows the client to build a relationship with the Midwifery Student prior to the birth. You will rarely have someone assisting at your birth that you that you have not already built a relationship with. Here at TBT we are open to constructive criticism regarding our assistants. If you prefer one person over another, we do our best to accommodate you!

Q) Who will go to the hospital with me if I have to transfer during labor?

     A) The Midwife attending the birth will always follow during a hospital transfer. Depending on the situation the Midwife and client may drive in separate private vehicles or the Midwife may ride in emergency transport with you. A Florida Licensed Midwife is required by law to bring records or give a verbal to the hospital during a transport. A Birth Assistant may transfer with you while the Midwife stay's behind to print records and then meet you at the hospital. You will never be left unattended during a hospital transfer with TBT. With the Covid-19 pandemic in place we have been unable to transfer with clients in non-emergent transfers as many hospitals have a limit on how many people can be with you during delivery.

Q) What equipment do the Midwives bring to births?

     A) Florida Licensed Midwives are required to carry to every birth Oxygen with tubing and appropriate sized masks/canula for both mom and baby, including an Ambu-Bag used during recusistation. Licensed Midwives are required to carry three different types of anti-hemorrhagic medications such as Pitocin, Methergine and Cytotec given for excessive bleeding. Licensed Midwives carry IV equiment including different types of IV fluids and IV antibiotics used for GBS positive clients.  Florida Licensed Midwives carry Lidocaine and suture in case of perineal, vaginal or labial laceration in need of repair. Newborn medications such as Vitamin K injection and prophylactic Erythromycin Eye ointment are administered required by Florida Law unless a written refusal has been obtained. Rhogam injection is kept on hand for clients who are a Negative Blood type. Licensed Midwives at The Birth Tribe carry an Epipen in case of anaphylactic shock.  

Q) What is the communications system like? Are the Midwives available 24/7?

     A) At The Birth Tribe we provide services for you to accommodate you. We use a Midwifery Charting System called ClientCare which has a communication app within it's system. You can always contact us with non-emergent questions through Messaging in ClientCare. We also have the Email Form on our website in which we try to reply within 24 hours on business days. The office phones are always forwarded directly to the Midwife on call. You will always get a Midwife if you call the office after hours, no crazy answering service! We frequently give out our personal phone numbers to accommodate our clients as well.